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Sortimo WorkMo

The mobile workplace

The WorkMo can be assembled individually thanks to its modularity and can be used in any situation you can think of: as a mobile work bench, as a workshop trolley, as workshop shelves, as transport equipment and as a mobile workplace.


The individual WorkMo modules can be combined flexibly to suit the application. Using comprehensive accessories, such as worktops, roller panels and perforated aluminium grids, the WorkMo can be extended at will to suit the application to create application-matched and transportable workplaces for the workshop and building site. The WorkMo is also made unique by its compatibility with the Sortimo BOXXes programme. Various organisational solutions offer storage space for small parts and tools of all kinds. Diverse BOXX partnerships with suppliers of power and electric tools and mounting and fastening materials mean that full system compatibility is a given.
Click, couple, everything fits together - you can’t get more productive!

The eight solution for all applications 

Multi-functional. Versatile. Flexible

Modular system

​​​​​​​No two days are the same on a building site. Changes to project or work steps require different tools and materials. It is thus all the more important to adapt the mobile workplace to the demands of the day. The practical coupling levers can be used to assemble and combine the WorkMo modules individually to meet the demands of the particular day


Versatile deployment

The WorkMo is always ready as your adaptable work aid in all situations, as workshop trolleys, workshop shelves, work benches, transport equipment or as a work station. Holders for accessories, multiple sockets, a worktop and a clamping system make a functional workplace out of the transport and organisation system which you can use to adapt your components on site in all kinds of ways 


Simple organisation system

The modules in different widths and heights, which can be combined at will, help with the organised storage of tools and consumables. The modules can be equipped with drawers Globelyst, shelves, BOXXes and cases, which can simplify detailed and individual organisation of working materials using additional sub-divisions.


Easy and convenient transport 

The WorkMo components are made mobile with just a few gestures. So the WorkMo can be transported quickly and comfortably from the workshop to the vehicle and from the vehicle to the building site. The roller panels can be fixed under the WorkMo if required, using the coupling lever, and facilitate transport according tot need. Fixed roller skids offer a long-term mobile solution.  


Compatible with BOXXes

WorkMo modules are compatible with the Sortimo BOXXes programme, and thus form part of the EcoSystem. This means that we also ensure consistency for Sortimo Partner BOXXes (e.g. by BOSCH, Gedore and Fischer) and an unhindered workflow in the working day. This allows machines and consumables to be transported simply in the WorkMo in the Sortimo BOXXes programme.


Rapid load securing 

The ProSafe load securing system by Sortimo facilitates rapid and simple lashing of the WorkMo modules in the transporter or car. In addition, the special WorkMo Fix position stops permit even simpler handling for quick lashing and securing of the modules. This ensures safe transport of the WorkMo modules.


Workmo in your car

The WorkMo modules are ideally suited as a transport solution for car boots, for field service staff, service technicians etc. The modules can be used to transport the materials stowed away safely and neatly. Flexible use of the car is further facilitated since the modules can be integrated and removed with just a few gestures.

The WorkMo principle

Organising. Transporting. Working.
workmo as a mobile transport system.png
Workmo as an ergonomic work bench or wor

Professional and flexible in your working day

Mix and match to your heart's content - take a look now !

Mobile work bench for your car, van and workshop

Work wherever your work takes you – and do so at any time with Sortimo mobile storage systems! The mobile workstation has been specifically developed to simplify everyday work. You’ll work more efficiently and always have your tools and materials organised and to hand with our WorkMo range of mobile transport, work and storage systems. The WorkMo can be used by professionals or DIY enthusiasts as a workshop trolley or mobile work bench, meeting all your organisational, mobility and ergonomic needs. It’s therefore the ideal ‘workmate’ in the workshop and the perfect equipment for anyone who works on different sites and needs to rely on an organised and com-prehensively equipped tool case.


WorkMo stands for Work Mobility. Use the multifunctional system as workshop equipment, a transport system, workshop trolley or mobile work bench. Start your day in the workshop select-ing the modules you need for your day ahead and roll your mobile work bench out to your vehicle. Rapidly secured using our ProSafe system, you’ll reach your destination in comfort. Then take all the materials you need in an instant to site safely stored in the portable WorkMo modules – with-out needing to swap around your tools and machines. On site, your WorkMo unfolds into a practical folding work bench, enabling you to carry out any last-minute small adjustments on site.

And should you be looking for a storage system for your workshop – then look no further than the flexible WorkMo. Modules in widths 3 and 4 are ideal for this, as they provide plenty of storage space in the form of useful drawers, although they also hold L-BOXXes and cases. Remove them whenever you need to and take them with you to site.

Have everything ready to hand with a portable work bench

Rely on Sortimo’s combinable modules – your mobile workstation becomes your tidy “on-the-road workshop”. The WorkMo range is designed to let you combine the individual models to meet your precise needs and, thanks to the flexibility of the system, you can decide from job to job whether you need the entire workstation with you, or simply individual modules. And if the entire work-station is needed on site, the practical Roller trolley on wheels ensures that it can be conveniently transported, converting the WorkMo into a portable work bench. Dragging heavy tool boxes is now a thing of the past and conveniently you always have your complete kit on site with you.

The work table extension and other WorkMo accessories transform the individual modules in an instant into a folding work bench on which you can make any last-minute adjustments to your ma-terials directly on site. Thanks to the individual modules with BOXXes, cases or drawers with divid-ers or inset boxes, you can now store even the smallest materials and tools tidily and well organised in your mobile workstation, ensuring that you always have a clear idea about your portable stock. A further key benefit is the fact that nothing slips out of place in this well organised storage solution when you’re rushing to a job.


Portable work bench for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike

The portable WorkMo workstation is ideal to use as a mobile work bench or as a workshop trolley. The 750 mm module configuration, complete with roller adapters and a worktop, converts into your handy ‘workmate’. Whether you’re working in your garage, on a hobby or in a professional work-shop, the WorkMo guarantees a tidy and well organised workplace at all times. Configure the mod-ule to meet your requirements and equip it with drawers, with partitions in the form of dividers or inset boxes, or with BOXXes and cases.

The tool tray on the WorkMo lets you quickly place your tools and materials aside and immediately have them to hand again. The aluminium side panels of the WorkMo can also be equipped with various accessories, from a hose holder and power supply to a special holder for your screwdriver. And once you’ve completed your work, simply roll the WorkMo back into its storage position. Your tools and materials are tidied away in record time and ready and waiting for you the next time.


Buy the portable work bench from Sortimo now

Organisation takes up half your life – that also applies to your workplace too. Our portable work-station represents a flexible storage solution you can conveniently take with you to any job. Order online today the WorkMo storage system for your van or car – simply and quickly at mySortimo. Wishing you enjoyable and effective work with our portable work bench.

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