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The customisable pallet-format service depot


The Euro pallet dimensions of the sContainer mean that it fits ideally into every standardised transport and logistics chain. Lugs for conventional industrial trucks ensure that it is easy to handle, making the service container ideal for global use as well. The option of equipping the container with the SR5 racking system transforms the mobile depot into an organised system at every site or service job – not forgetting its minimal footprint. The sContainer also provides a large area for company logos or advertising graphics, which we would be happy to create for you or which you can order yourself using the mySortimo graphics sticker configurator. In this way, the storage space becomes an ideal and inexpensive advertising medium. 
​​​​​​​You can easily order the sContainer online or contact our Sortimo experts for advice.

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sContainer - simply practical

Individual, mobile, tidy and with generous space benefits - the sContainer is a flexible companion for service technicians, tradespeople and construction workers

Mobile depot with optional racking system

​​​​​​​The sContainer serves as a mobile depot on con­struc­tion sites or during service operations – on request also with an order system. Thus, the tool and consumables are available directly on site. A big advantage for permanent construction sites or inner city operations, where the approach with the commercial vehicle is not always possible to the place of use.

Minimal footprint, maximum space utilization

The footprint of all sContainers is no more than one euro pallet. Thus, the service container on the narrowest construction sites or service assignments is a slim depot with a lot of interior space. Because the integration of a SR5 shelving system creates space in various levels and therefore room for tools, consumables and, if necessary, even for a workplace.


Seamless integration in transport and logistics chains

Due to the basic size of the euro pallet, the sContainer can be integrated cost-effectively into every logistics process. It can be trans­ported with industrial trucks as well as inexpensively transported by truck, ship or plane. Thus, you can have the sContainer delivered directly to the place of work and simply let your service or construction team leave behind you.


Low acquisition and maintenance costs

The sContainer is not only much cheaper to buy than, for example, a commercial vehicle, but also in terms of upkeep. Because motor insurance and taxes are eliminated. Use the mobile depot so you do not have to drive your tools, machines and consumables every day – saving a lot of fuel costs and making sure that no equipment is forgotten.

Guaranteed to meet your requirements!

The service containers offer practical benefits in various situations, enabling you to significantly boost your added value chain.
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1. Lifting lugs

The lugs can optionally be retrofitted to allow the sContainer to be moved by crane on site as well


2. Lock

You can choose from three locks for your sContainer. The most cost-effective option is a padlock, which provides solid anti-theft prevention, Alternatively, you can opt for a cylinder lock or even the high-end version, an electronic lock, which means that you have no need for keys.


3. Decal surface

The side panels of the sContainer provide an excellent advertising surface for your company. the mySortimo graphics configurator lets you design and order the decals for your sContainer directly yourself - one-stop ordering and delivery. Simply select "Sortimo: from the manufacturer and off you go!


4. Transport lugs

The base of the sContainer mirrors that of a pallet, so that it can be lifted and transported from all sides by an industrial truck.


5. Height

The sContainer is available in two different heights. The lower height (1,200mm) is even suitable for transporting in lightweight vans. 


6. Interior 

The interior is conveniently accessed through a large door. A hard-wearing SoboGrip floor is used as the base. What is unique is the fact that SR5 van racking components are fitted in the interior to ensure optimum organisation and also load securing.


7. Durable material

A massive frame forms the base, which permits a load capacity of up to 500kg. The cladding is made of powder-coated sheet steel. A plastics cover reliably prevents the ingress of rainwater 


To the custom-fit shelving system SR5 for your sContainer 

The SR5 shelving system makes more effective work possible with optimal use of space!


Request a consultation appointment to get the right SR5 shelf for your sContainer.




Organise your workplace even more effectively with increased clarity thanks to the mySortimo labels 

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