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BOXXes and Cases

for perfect workplace organisation

Sortimo BOXXes and cases ensure improved organisation and enhanced productivity in day-to-day work, as tools and small parts are transported tidily sorted, securely stored and carefully and clearly arranged from the workshop to the workplace. The practical organisational systems make your mobile workshop efficient and clearly arranged, and they also have multifunctional uses, thanks to their push-in and carry function.


Metal case

​​​​​​​The metal case is Sortimo’s original product and totally unique when it comes to functionality, durability and adjustment, as it adapts perfectly to industry-specific needs, thanks to its various configuration options with dividers, nozzle inserts or inset boxes. Its flexible organisation in the interior and one-handed operation, as well as the 120 degree angle of the lid, help to significantly simplify day-to-day work. The metal case is available in four different heights and can be integrated with ease into the WorkMo and van racking systems, and hence securely transported to site.



Thanks to the transparent lid of the T-BOXX G, it offers an ideal overview of the small parts and consumables contained in it even when closed. It therefore helps to significantly improve efficiency in the working day, as there is no need for the time-consuming searching for materials. The sub-division of the T-BOXX G by the inset box grid in the lid and base provides fixed sub-division of the BOXX, preventing the contents of different inset boxes from becoming mixed up. It is also extremely durable and sturdy and easily withstands the tough demands of a construction site.



L-BOXXes can be intuitively combined with each other and separated again in seconds, thanks to their intelligent and simple click system. The possibility of fully integrating the Sortimo BOXX and case system into Sortimo van racking systems and their all-purpose use makes them unique.
The L-BOXX range is the integrated mobility solution for secure and convenient tool transport. That’s why the popular L-BOXX system is used by well-known partners as storage solution for their tools and equipment. With their pre-configured L-BOXXes, for example, BOSCH und GEDORE offer perfect possibilities to design a seamless mobility concept from workshop to workplace, making your work processes even more efficient.



The functionality of SR-BOXXes is totally unique in van racking systems. They can be integrated on and also below the shelf, for optimum use of space, allowing twice the number of SR-BOXXes to be accommodated per shelf. This results in maximum use of the available space on the SR5 shelf. The stable and lightweight plastic boxes provide sufficient storage options for the transport of small parts or consumables and are therefore an optimum organisational aid. The divided transparent lid provides an immediate overview of the contents, enabling immediate access to the contents without the BOXX having to be fully removed from the van racking system.



Compact unit: small parts storage, machine and tool case in one for the mixed transport of parts and equipment. 

Functionality: consists of different slots for I-BOXXes and drawers and a spacious storage compartment, enabling large machines and also smaller parts to be tidily stored and securely transported. 

Full compatibility: fits seamlessly into the entire L-BOXX family and Sortimo van racking systems. 


Insert boxes-G

The inset boxes provide for greater productivity in day-to-day work, as they provide a quick overview of the small parts stored inside, and can also be removed directly from the cases and BOXXes and used at the workplace. Any missing or almost depleted stock levels are immediately identified, avoiding down times. Whether in the workshop, in Sortimo cases and BOXXes, the WorkMo or the Sortimo van racking system – inset boxes, available in a range of different sizes, enable you to equip yourself to meet individual requirements. Thanks to their integral divider guide, they can also be very individually sub-divided, making them even more flexible and efficient in day-to-day work. Together with mySortimo labels, they ensure professional, systematic and individual organisation at the workplace.

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