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SR5 – awarded twice with the Plus X Award


SR5, the 5th generation of Sortimo shelving systems, convinced the expert jury of the internationally renowned Plus X Award and awarded the title "Best Product of the year 2019” in the category “Automotive Accessories".

SR5 Advantages 

Highest productivity | Can be configured online | Quick availability 


Sophisticated down to the last detail

For maximum load space utilisation!

SR5 Features.png

SR5 - full compatibility from the Sortimo EcoSystem.

Everything fits! SR5 not only ensures consistency in all work sequences, the intelligent shelf system fits seamlessly in the entire Sortimo system environment and guarantees complete compatibility over and above the limits of the system, allowing tool cases and BOXXes to be transported without barriers and securely.

SR5 Compatibility A.png
SR5 Compatibility B.png
SR5 Compatibility C.png
SR5 Compatibility D.png

To ensure an ideal function, you should open the configurator on your desktop PC or laptop and in the browsers Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox


By clicking the "Start Online Configurator" button, you will be redirected to Sortimo German Site, please note the Price from the configurations are for German market only and not valid in Australia. Once you have completed the configuration, please provide us with your configuration ID, we will then be able to provide you with the quote of the SR5 system built in Australia in Australian Dollars with GST.

Alternatively, you can simply tell us how you want to configure your van by filling the form below, we will provide you with our complementary design services using SR5 system

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