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About Sortimo 

Sortimo Story

From the metal case to the leader of innovation

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Combined with a nationwide network of our own subsidiaries and stations throughout Germany and nine international subsidiaries, we are always local to our customers and can quickly and reliably meet their needs and requests at any time. Our innovative prowess has always been one of our strengths and our driving force, which has secured us a fixed position in the industry as a market and technology leader. Research and development of new technological and progressive solutions enables us to ensure that Sortimo products are always one step ahead of market requirements. Our expertise ensures that the innovations and system solutions created here cannot be copied – let alone in “Made in Germany” quality.

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Sortimo warranty conditions at a glance


Sortimo products are made of high-grade materials and boast the best quality of workmanship. Combined with in-house testing and independent certification, this means we are able to sell our products with a clear conscience, something we have done millions of times over.

We would also like to give you a good feeling when buying Sortimo products by ensuring that you can rely on us if the worst comes to the worst. Below are the key elements of the warranty conditions at a glance.

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Sortimo Catalogue 

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