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Fleet Optimisation

Fast. Efficient. Simple.

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Our aim is to make your fleet available to you quickly and easily and ready to use. To do this, we offer you optimum support from our special consultants for all fleet solutions with a high level of expertise, making your work easier and adapting your fleet to the needs of drivers.

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Reducing the total cost of mobility


With Sortimo fleet solutions we provide you with greater efficiency in procurement and processing, but also in usage of the fleet. We take a holistic approach to mobility costs and help companies to manage resources more efficiently.

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Custom conversions

We offer solutions – for all requirements.

Special conversions of vehicle fleets or special emergency vehicles are part of our consultants' and fitters' daily work. This includes the individual concepts with consideration of legal regulations and approval requirements.


The liability risk for fleet managers is minimised with Sortimo's loading space concepts, as load securing is already integrated in our unique ProSafe system.


ProSafe's extremely easy handling makes it the first point in terms of safety and provides loaders and drivers with a convenient load securing system.

Of course, we subject our equipment to crash tests under real conditions, in other words with a higher load than the system is rated for. This ensures maximum safety for people and cargo, even in an accident.

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