The flexible and easy to change shelf system

When you are in a hurry, sometimes safety is overlooked. FlexRack is the ideal way to combat this situation, because it has been developed especially for the requirements of courier, express and parcel delivery service providers. The innovative shelves have been manufactured from high performance fibre composite materials. Therefore they are not only especially lightweight, they also boast an extremely high load capacity of 120kg.

Product Highlights

Safe stowage

of parcels or other transportable goods

Room for bulky materials

thanks to foldable shelves

Faster access

to all packages

Long operating lifetime

because of extremely stable fibre composite technology

Load securing

with the integrated Sortimo ProSafe System.

flexrack - Sortimos new shelf system

Safe stowage

Horizontal and vertical securing of payload is possible, in order to avoid damages. This is enabled by the integrated ProSafe load securing system. The ProSafe system makes simple and quick load securing easy. 

High load capacity

The innovative Sortimo Composite Material makes the shelves extremely light and stable. A very high load capacity of 120 kg is guaranteed.

Shelf with border. Closed shelves with aluminium borders are perfectly suited for small parts and light payload.

Shelves without border with integrated anti-slip edges (Gripmaxx): Larger parcels can be transported safely and without damages. 

Foldable shelves

Automatic locking of shelf when folded up. This enables convenient one hand operation.

When the shelf is folded, there is the possibility to change to ProSafe load securing rack with a defined bearing surface. 

Optimum use of space

In order to provide the ideal transport solution for every payload, the shelf is variable in inclination and adjustable to the vehicle wall as well as in height. Therefore the loading area can be exploited to the maximum.  


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