Van racking solutions

Order is the catchword which starts the professional work routine already in the vehicle. For every kilo of unnecessary loading costs fuel, and every trip taken twice costs time. Organisation by means of the Sortimo van racking system for commercial vehicles creates a significantly higher level of efficiency and with it, better profitability. The user experiences marked simplification of his daily work routine due to easy organisation as well as a clear arrangement of tools and materials in the vehicle.

Sortimo offers you different possibilities for several vehicle types and industries. With our van racking systems we surely have the perfect solution for you as well.

Sortimo van racking systems at a glance


The van racking system Sortimo Globelyst brings order to the vehicle. Thanks to its specific material combination of high strength steel, light aluminium and sturdy plastic, Sortimo Globelyst provides highest quality.



WorkMo stands for Work Mobility. WorkMo is a multifunctional system, which can be used as workshop equipment, transport system, mobile workshop and work bench. WorkMo is fast and can be assembled extremely easily – where, when and how you like.



FlexRack, the flexible and easy to change shelf system is the ideal solution for courier, express and parcel delivery service providers. The shelves are manufactured from innovative fibre composite material. The shelves are not only especially lightweight but are also distinguished by their exceptional loading capacity of 120 kg.