Field Representative

Laptop, files, samples and mobile phone – everything has to be carried with you. Sortimo in-vehicle equipment offers a solution.

Field representatives

Being on the road a lot you know the problem: laptop, files, pens, notes and your mobile phone - everything has to be accessible and stowed safely.
Sortimo's Automanager has been designed for your work in the field, to allow you to work in your vehicle. The rotating plate allows you to use your laptop comfortably from the driver's seat. Your mobile office makes it possible to provide power to your laptop and a small printer.

Using the transport trolley allows you to carry the Automanager with ease.
An additional solution for the estate cars, SUVs or large limousines of field representatives is the Sortimo CarMo. CarMo is easy to integrate in the boot of your vehicle. It will carry the mobile Sortimo L-BOXX range and much more.